Why AngularJs is the Most Useful Framework of 2020?

Do you remember the scene from Harry Potter where the stairs leading to the higher floors keep on shuffling?

The front-end development ecosystem is also like that; a place that is changing in every fraction of seconds.

And there is no “right framework” that leads to this place, every framework has its pros and cons.

But there is one framework which is more competent.

That framework is called AngularJs.

But why angular js? Why not Vue.js or knockout.js

Well, that’s what we will tell you in this blog.

Whether you are trying to build a video streaming app, travel app, weather app, eCommerce app, social app, etc.

You should know Angular js.

Because gone those days when we used to have Static pages on the web.

Today is the era of dynamic and interactive web applications.

And, this can be achieved by using AngularJs.

The blog is for all small-medium enterprises and for all the entrepreneurs who want to build their website or web application.

So, let’s start with what is Angular js first then gradually we will move forward. 

What is Angular Js

AngularJS is a front end JavaScript MVC framework that is used to develop a dynamic web application.

It is a hybrid HTML JavaScript framework. 

It was created in 2009 by two of Google’s developers Misko Havery and Adam Adorn.

Now, AngularJs is maintained by Google and a group of individuals and enterprises. 

Through this, you can use HTML as your template language. 

Also, to clearly express your application’s components it even allows you to extend HTML’s syntax. 

Its data binding and dependency feature reduce the codes that otherwise you would have to write. 

And, all of this takes place within the browser thus making it a perfect partner with any server technology. 

It is excellent at building a dynamic, single-page web app, and also supports the model view controller. 

And, that’s the reason why the latest version of AngularJs, Angular 8 is rising and is the most demandable framework.

A professional angularjs web development company knows every big-small detail and the best use of this technology. 

You now, very well know what Angular js is. 

But do you know despite various frameworks available in the market website owners choose angular js over any other plugins?

Buy why angular Js? What is so special about angularjs?

The answer to why angular js lies on three pillars. 

These three pillars are its features, Importance, and area of usage. 

  First, we will cover angularjs features and then the next two 

Angularjs Features

With the technological advancement and the increasing demand for interactive and user-friendly web applications, AngularJs has become the top choice. 

So, here are angularjs features that make it more compatible. 

  1. User Interface With HTML 

To build the user interference AngularJs uses HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). 

HTML is a declarative language which is very simple to understand as it uses extremely short tags.

Javascript comparatively is more complicated to develop. 

AngularJs uses HTML language to develop its user interference thus leading to a more organized and simplistic UI. 

  1. The MVC Architecture 

MVC is a software design pattern for making web applications. 

It stands for Model, View, Controller. 

  • The Model

Model is the lowest level of the pattern which is responsible for managing data. 

To update itself it responds to requests from view and the instruction from the controller. 

  • The View 

The prime responsibility of view is to present all or a portion of data to the users. 

The display of data in a prescribed format set off by the controller’s decision. 

  • The Controller 

This software code’s work is to control the interaction between the model and the view. 

It answers the user input and carries out interaction on the data model object. 

When the controller receives an input it first validates it and then performs the operations that modify the state of the data model. 

Other similar frameworks are required to split your app into MVC components, then ask you to write code to bind them up together. 

Doing all this requires doing a lot of work

But if you will use AngularJs you don't need to go from so many hurdles. 

Angular implies MVC by only asking you to split your app into MVC components. 

After that, you need to relax and let angular do the job for you. 

Angular now will not only manage your components but will also serve as a connecting channel and connect them. 

By using angularjs developers saves a lot of their time and can invest that time in other ways like marketing that applicati

  1. The POJO Model

Plain Old JavaScript Objects are self-sufficient in functionality. 

The back days data model used to keep monitoring the data flow in an application but the Pojo data model offers very well planned objects and logics. 

Now to derive the most suitable results a developer just needs to create loops with the right properties. 

It gives developers spontaneous and clear code which ultimately helps in building highly interactive and user-friendly web-based applications by using AngularJs. 

  1. Directives

This is one of the most important angularjs features is its directives. 

Through Directives, angular provides extra functionality to the HTML. 

The additional elements can be accessed and there is no need for the DOM to stimulate the elements. 

Now the controller doesn’t need to manipulate the DOM directly. This should be performed through directives. 

Directives are stand-alone elements that can be used anywhere other than your web application. 

Directives provide developers the element rich HTML that they require to strengthen their online presence.

  1. Context-aware Communications

The web application using the PubSub doesn’t provide context-based communication. 

For instance, you want a few messages that should be accessible by the children or by the ancestors of the specific children.

But now with the help of the PubSub system in angular, you can send a message to all children controllers while emitting () will send a message to all their ancestors. 

  1. Not Browser Specific

There is no browser constraint on an angular application. 

This means that the angular applications are not browser-specific. 

Angular Js can run on any browser. 

It also supports all top-notch browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, IE8.

  1. Dependency Injection

The dependency feature makes the development of the application simple and efficient. 

It also makes application easy to understand. 

Angular js also provides you with assistance as soon as it detects the service. 

  1. DOM Manipulation

The view controls the DOM to refresh the information and its conduct

But with the introduction of Angular Js now the DoM manipulation is the task of directive and not the view. 

Now as the DOM manipulation has been taken out it has made the developer and the users to focus more on view.

  1. Ease in Testing 

Testing has become extremely easy in the Angularjs framework. 

Through the module separation feature now the developers can load the needed service and implement automated testing easily. 

Also one of the prime reasons that has made AngularJs popular is its ability to be tested. 

AngularJs is supported by Karma and it’s multiple plugins. 

Karma is a test written by Vojta Jina. 

Karma gets combined with its fellows like Mocha, Chai, Sinon to provide a toolset of quality code that will be easy to handle, bug-free and well documented. 

  1. Comes With Filters

Angular js helps you to transform stored data in angular responsive design.  

It provides developers many filters to choose from.

Some Angular js filter components are:

  • Currency

With the help of this filter, you can format a number as a currency

And if you have not set any currency symbol, then the framework will use the default symbol as per the current location. 

  • Number 

Here a developer can format a number as text

  • Date 

Through this, a developer can format the date to a specified format. 

  • JSON

This filter component allows you to convert a javascript object into the JSON string. 

  • Lower case and the Upper case

These two are quite popular filters. 

Through upper case, you can format a string to uppercase. 

By lowercase, you can format a string to lowercase 

  • LimitTo

The limitTo filter allows you to limit an array/string into a specified number of characters/elements. 

  • OrderBy

A developer can return an array containing the items from the specified collection. 

These were the ten features on which angular js stands strongly. 

In the next section, we will cover its compelling advantage over other frameworks. 

What is the benefit of AngularJS?

In the era of modern web development, there is no place left for broken links or unresponsive cluttered websites. 

A website needs to be interactive, responsive and efficient.

Though a lot of factors influence the efficiency of a website, the way a website displays its data is of utmost importance.

That’s where JavaScript takes the screen. 

AngularJs is google’s advanced framework.

It is an open-source, which is now considered one of the most popular frameworks.

A professional angular js web/mobile app development company can help you with this technology.

Let’s cover the benefit of angular js now. Here are eight top-notch benefits of angular js. 

  1. Easy to Use

What is the benefit of AngularJS?  If you will ask for the first and foremost important reason than it will be its “ease of use”. 

AngularJs is filled with features that make it smooth for AngularJs web application development professionals to develop a website by writing minimal codes. 

The developers don’t need to invest a lot of time writing setters and getters for applying different data models. 

Also, it becomes easy for the development team to parallelly manage an app, as the integral part of an app doesn’t have any directive. 

Thus saving a lot of time and effort. 

  1. Developed By Google

Google doesn’t need any introduction. It is a pioneer of the internet age. 

Google has made this reputation by making its products the best and most reliable.

AngularJs is also a product of Google. 

AngularJs contains a team of dedicated and highly skilled developers and engineers who work passionately to solve any issue related to angular js. 

Also, the developers are spread across all over the world to access people with AngularJs. 

  1. Huge Community Support

One important reason for why do we use AngularJs? It has large community support. 

The time from angularjs has been launched by Google, it has widened the Google+ Community. 

This community holds professional angularjs developers, how are experts in making improvements in the open-source framework. 

These developers also host various conferences for Angularjs and also invites IT companies from all over the world. 

The sole purpose of doing this is to spread awareness about the latest development in the technical world.  

  1. Works on Client Side

One of the prompt reasons for its popularity is that Angular Js operates on the client’s side. 

And thus making it suitable for both desktop as well as mobile browsers. 

Angularjs is also known for its versatility, which means you can use it for developing any kind of front end application without making any modification to the backend.  

  1. Provide Modularity 

Through AngularJs, a developer can create multiple modules for a single application. 

These modules depend on each other and can be combined for running a complete application. 

  1. Two-way Data Binding 

One of the key importance of angularjs is their Two- way data binding 

Data binding bridges the gap between the view and the business logic of the application. 

Data binding is a powerful function used in software development technologies. 

There are Two data binding process,

  • One-way data binding process

  • Two-way data binding process

One-way data binding process binds data in only one direction. 

A developer can not update the model from view. 

But, Angularjs uses a two-way data binding process. 

The data is automatically organized between the model and view components. 

First, the template is compiled on the browser.

The collection creates a live view. 

Now if any changes happen in view it  is reflected in the model and vice-versa 

The model in the data binding is the single-source-of-truth in your application and the view acts as the projection of the model. 

With the help of the AngularJs framework, the user action and module changes happen simultaneously. 

  1.  Deep Linking 

One importance of the angularjs framework that we can’t ignore is the deep linking. 

Deep linking allows you to bookmark the web page.

The page gets saved by its URL without changing its state. 

And whenever you will request the page it will get displayed in the same state as before. 

  1.  Routing

Routing allows you to navigate between views. 

Angular’s ngRoute directive help users to switch from one view to another. 

After switching between views, the application will remain a single application. 

By this, we mean that without reloading the angular application you can switch to different pages. 

Hire a professional team of Angularjs developers who are experts in creating dynamic and user-friendly web applications.

Why is AngularJS popular?

AngularJs is on the rise. 

Because of its performance and features, developers and entrepreneurs choose AngularJs framework over any other.

In the graph below, you can clearly see the popularity of AngularJs. 

Angular Js is now more popular than Javascript frameworks such as Node.js, Ember.js, and react.js. 

Not only in web development but also in mobile app development. 

As in the era of Millenials mobile apps are more widely used in comparison to web apps. 

And why it shouldn’t there are a lot of benefits of Mobile app

Now, let's get back to our angular js question. 

What is the reason behind this massive popularity? Why is AngularJs popular?

How a framework which is not very old has gained such tremendous popularity?

There are a lot of reasons that have made AngularJs popular. 

Their features are one of them but there are five main reasons which have led such huge popularity. 

These mentioned below:

  1. Declarative expression of UI

Designers are not programmers hence it is also essential to make things simple for them.

UI with AngularJs is structured thus it makes it comparatively easy for designers to understand and manipulate. 

Designers can learn markup more easily than programming. 

Thus, declarative expressions will be more beneficial for your team also it will fetch better results for your clients. 

  1. Gets Easily Started 

Getting started with Angular Js is not a complicated or chaotic process.  

Rather, it’s quite simple to operate AngularJs. 

A developer just needs to add some to their HTML and can develop their first small app in a few minutes. 

Isn’t it fascinating?

  1. Saves Time Of Developers

As we mentioned above, you only need to split your application into multiple MVC components    After that Angular will perform the rest of the action. 

By doing this AngularJs saves you from writing a pile of codes to bind the MVC component together again. 

Thus, saving a lot of time for developers to work on other required areas. 

  1. Ease of Maintenance

Angular js enables efficient code maintenance and update. 

As the decoupled components are replaced with better implications. 

  1. Ready-made Solution For Developers

AngularJs doesn’t require developers to follow a strict project structure. 

So developers can create applications with varied structures. 

Angular can be used for creating hybrid applications also. 

Angular js also solve a variety of tasks with ready to make models. 

For instance, there are several modules for routing. 

Amongst them, the most important is the UI-router or you can also go for UI-grid or ng-table if working with tables.

After reading all the above you must be aware of what AngularJs is, why angular js? It features, importance, etc. 

So in the next section, we will cover why do we need angular js?

Why do We Need Angular js

Do you know there are over 876 Million websites and counting?

The E-commerce industry has taken all over and every organization is keen to make an impact online.

It has created a huge demand for developers.

No doubt there are numerous platforms available for web development but the struggle is choosing the right one.

Since its birth in 2009 angularjs have created some ripples in the market.

Developers use it because it is an open-source web application framework that revolves around HTML, CSS, and JS.

Angularjs provides so many plugins for designers as well as developers to simplify front end development.

 It has become hard to imagine the development of a single-page application without angular js.

Its features like simplified MVC architecture, Declarative code style, Two-way data binding, and huge community support have made it a personal favorite of developers.

Apart from the above-mentioned importance and features here are two astonishing facts that will tell you why you should choose angular js.

  1. Fantastic Educational Source

Learning a new framework is always a hard nut to crack but this is not a case with Angularjs.

Angularjs are comparatively easy to understand and implement.

One can learn angular.js through various platforms like learn-angular.org which provide a complete guide on angular.js.

  1. Write it How you want it

Other frameworks dominate you on how your folder structure and models should be handled.

But, angularjs allows you to have flexibility.

With angular js, you also don’t need to write books of codes you can accomplish your task by using minimal codes.

You are now well aware of the prime reasons why do we need angular.js

But, aren’t you curious to know the practical use of angular js? Or which real apps have been made using this technology? Let’s go-ahead

What is Angular Js Mainly used for? 

A few months back one of our clients asked us why we use angular js even though it doesn’t bring any fundamental or revolutionary changes to developers. 

Well, the answer is quite simple. It provides high simplification to the whole development process. 

AngularJs contains all the things that a developer requires while building a dynamic single page application. 

And, that is the reason why developers choose AngularJs framework for building a web application. 

Here are two prime reasons because of which entrepreneurs have chosen AngularJs for their web apps.   

  1. Enterprise Web application 

Typescript contains all the necessary features needed to develop large scale projects. 

Typescript has autocompletion, advanced refactoring, and navigation features. 

Because of the architecture of this tool, it has become easy to reuse and maintain code.

  1. Apps with Dynamic Content

AngularJs is BEST for websites where content should differ dynamically based on user behavior and preferences. 

It’s dependency injections also ensure that if there are changes in one component other related components also change automatically.

Now, you know what type of web application is best suited for building using angular js. 

You must be wondering till now whether there is any renowned app that has been made using angular Js framework? Or we are only wasting your time. 

Let us tell you that there is a big list of successful web applications that have been made using this framework. 

We can not provide the complete list because it will be never-ending. 

But, we have 15 most renowned web applications which are powered with the flexible and robust AngularJs framework. 

 AngularJs Examples


Javascript has changed the face of web and mobile apps. 

Within all JS features, Angular Js has developed a huge recognition and are amongst the most widely used. 

The framework is the powerhouse of various famous applications. 

Here is the list of those fifteen well-known applications which have been made using AngularJs. 

  1. The Guardian

Guardian is the top player in the design and publishing era.

Its website launched in the year 2015. Now it sits on the third position by number of visitors among national newspapers and magazines online.

The User Interference (UI) of the website is made as in angularJS app. 

Developers used angular together with RxJS to create infinite scrolling of search results. 

  1. Paypal 

Paypal is another large website made using AngularJs. 

The company owns the online payment system available in 203 countries. 

It also works with 26 currencies. 

The developers have used the Angular js framework in PayPal checkout system, consisting of: 

  • Parent Page

  • Payment review page 

  • Sidebar 

  • Adding credit card page

  1. Wikiwand.com

The website is developed for viewing Wikipedia Articles. 

It is available for several web browsers as a free browser extension or mobile app.

You can use chrome, safari, firefox as well as you can get access through Wikiwand’s website. 

It was founded in 2013 but was officially launched in 2014. 

In 2014 only Wikiwand was able to raise 600,000 and it earns revenue through advertising. 

The websites’ main javascript framework is Angular js. 

  1. Youtube for PS3

The video hosting website that is now owned by Google is estimated to be 70 billion. 

Its service holders are over one billion which is equal to one-third of people using the internet worldwide. 

Youtube is accessible on many devices including consoles produced by sony. 

The PS3 app was written using the angular Js framework. 

  1. Lego.com 

Lego is a Danish company founded in 1932. 

To launch its Star Wars Rebels mini-series, lego decided to launch a poster. 

To turn this project into success the developers working on this project decided to use pair programming techniques. 

Two people worked on this code together. 

The one acted as a driver and performed all the coding and the other took the role of a navigator who kept an eye on the wider picture. 

They used the angular Js framework to create a quick and light-weighted solution to promote the product.  

  1. Upwork and Freelancer 

Both the freelancing websites are leading in their spaces. 

The number of freelancers that Upwork has is 10 million and the Freelancer has is 18 million. 

The average amount of available projects is 3.6 Million on Upwork and 4.4 Million at Freelancers. 

And, both the websites are made using AngularJs.

  1. JetBlue 

Another popular angularJs example is the American low-cost airline that carries around 35 million people annually. 

The aviation company operates 900 flights daily that carries passengers to 95 cities in the US, Caribbean, and Latin America. 

The latest version of the company’s website is also made using AngularJs 

  1. iStock Photo

The website has a collection of images, videos and photo clips. 

The online portal runs on a micropayment business model. 

The website has been made using Angular js

  1. Gmail App

Gmail is another classic angularJs example 

Google's mail is a single page application. 

It’s browser loads one single HTML page and when you start interacting, it dynamically updates the pages.

You can read mail, write a new one,  go to a new tab, etc all you can do on a single web page all because of the mechanism of Angular js. 


  1.  IBM 

The company is an IT giant that has dominated the technology market for more than a century. 

To expand their immense analytics and data service to mobile platforms they established their MobileFirst Platform foundation.

IBM wanted to lose its traditional look and usage so they decided to implement angular js for their application. 

  1.  Netflix 

Yes, the famous video streaming web application has also been developed by using AngularJs. 

The California based company has earned a revenue of over 5.2 billion dollars. 

  1. Google Trend

The last one in the list is a website that all of us have used or must have heard at a point or another. 

Google trend is a website launched officially by Google in 2012 

It analyzes the popularity of a search query in Google search. 

A user can also compare various searches between two or more items. 

The website also shows “Hot Trends” which shows the top 20 fastest-rising searches. 



    We live in a fast business environment that demands investors and managers to take a proactive approach to meet this need. 

    And to link your product, service to the target market and to grab the audience’s attention you need a front-end development app. 

    Front-end, dynamic apps are the key to capture huge market share and undo your competitors. 

    And, there you need AngularJs to help you with. 

    Web application builds with AngularJs user-friendly as well as interactive. 

    Developers and designers also don’t need to take stress about righting a pile of codes. 

    Angular Js is a great multi-functional framework that speeds up your development process.

    Hire experienced developers from Codify Indi who are proficient in the Angular.js framework.


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